Little Workshop

Paramount Studios

LA-based creative agency PXL partnered with us to recreate the iconic Paramount Studios in Hollywood as a full 3D environment for VX, their virtual event platform.

Paramount Pictures
What we did
3D Modeling & Texturing
Environment Lighting
WebGL / Babylon.js Development

Working from reference photos, we built three highly detailed scenes from the ground up: an outdoor plaza, a movie theater interior and a lobby room. Each 3D scene is a faithful reproduction of the actual place from the Paramount Studios.

Our team was responsible for modeling and texturing all the elements such as buildings, props and vegetation. We also produced realistic lighting for all three scenes. Every asset was properly optimized so that the environment would download quickly and could be rendered at a good framerate on most devices.

The VX platform is based on Babylon.js, a popular WebGL library. To ensure that our scenes were compatible and looking as intended in the browser, we created a custom export pipeline and wrote custom Babylon.js shaders.

Additional responsibilities included: modeling 3D avatars, creating real-time VFX for the plaza fountain and theater projector, developing a data-driven dynamic billboard/poster system.

PXL and Paramount held many successful events in this VX environment, and received great feedback from online attendees who loved to be immersed in these virtual studios. Paramount used the space to showcase major movie franchises such as Transformers and Paw Patrol: The Movie, for which PXL won a Clio award in late 2021.