Little Workshop


Crafting an immersive space survival experience that combines interactive storytelling and gamification.

Self-initiated Project
What we did
Concept, Design
Art Direction
WebGL / Three.js Development
3D Modeling & Visual Effects
Music, Sound Design
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We think the Web needs more narrative-driven experiences, where stories unfold via exploration and user interaction. So we embarked on creating our own interactive story about something awesome: space travel!

Drawing inspiration from video games, we created a first-person journey to enhance immersion. We ensured the controls were user-friendly, allowing even those unfamiliar with gaming to enjoy it comfortably.

Equinox is available for desktop and mobile browsers. Thanks to an interaction mode specifically designed for touch screens, the entire story can be experienced on any phone or tablet with just one finger.

Making use of visual & sound effects, voiceovers, along with an evolving soundtrack, we aimed to bring a cinematic quality to the experience.

To ensure the experience remains fun and interesting, a series of exploration-driven mechanics and puzzles are introduced, allowing the story to progress in a meaningful way.

The entire project, encompassing art direction, asset production, music creation, and writing, was conceived and executed in-house by our team.

This initiative reflects our studio’s commitment to crafting immersive, interactive experiences that deeply engage users, serving as a blueprint for how we can bring a client’s vision to life.