Little Workshop

Arde Madrid

We developed a 3D web experience and a standalone VR app based on "Arde Madrid", a Spanish TV series published by Movistar+. The series tells the story of the period which American actress Ava Gardner spent in Francoist Spain.

The Cocktail
What we did
WebGL / Three.js Development
VR Development (Unity)
3D Asset Optimization
Mobile Site of the WeekAwwwards
Honorable MentionAwwwards

We were approached by The Cocktail , the digital agency who led this project, to help them create an interactive 3D website based on Ava Gardner's house. The experience enables visitors to move freely inside each room, interact with objects, and learn more about Madrid in the early 60s.

The Cocktail was responsible for art direction, UX/UI design and 3D asset production. We were in charge of writing all WebGL and 3D interaction code, as well as optimizing and lighting the scenes for the Web. Since the site needed to be fully available on both desktop and mobile devices, we carefully optimized each asset to reduce loading times and maximize performance.

In addition to the website, we also developed a high-end VR experience with Unity, allowing users to get fully immersed in Ava Gardner's house and discover more about the show. This VR experience, built for HTC Vive, was showcased in Madrid during the TV series launch event.