Little Workshop


This is an interactive musical experience built with WebGL and WebVR. It takes the viewer through an ever-changing environment which is synced to the music. It can be viewed in any browser, and in VR for the most immersive experience.

With this project, we wanted to create a beautiful music visualization with a distinctive art style. For this, we created dozens of 3D geometrical shapes by using procedural generation in Houdini, before exporting them to Three.js.

All elements are randomized as the music plays, making the experience different on each viewing.

Choosing the audio track was a critical aspect of this project. We reached out to Makeup and Vanity Set, a US-based artist, to use a track called Implant. We then synchronized the animation and visual effects with the track, in order to create a strong correlation between the visuals and the music.

Time to turn on your speakers, and try it out for yourself.

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