Little Workshop

Allianz Digital Tree

This project is a generative 3D visualization developed for Bright and Allianz Real Estate. On display in multiple Allianz offices, it acts as a live visualization of the environmental performance of each building where it is displayed.

What we did
WebGL / Three.js Development
3D Modeling & Visual Effects
Procedural Animation
Environment Art

The visualization features a 3D landscape which is generated everyday based on updated energy data. Because of the data-driven nature of this project, we had to create a flexible system where all aspects of the scene were based on incoming data. The leaves on the tree, vegetation density, butterflies and sun intensity all depend on various factors such as power consumtion or enery savings.

Although it is not currently available on the web, this project is based on WebGL and Three.js. We were responsible for programming the graphics, writing the generative code and producing the 3D assets. The project was done in collaboration with Bright, a digital art provider, who was responsible for the design and creative direction.